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Chapter 30: Stepping up to the bubbling hot tub, she dropped her wrapped towel and slowly she eased her naked body into the sparkling water. The water felt good. The digital display showed ninety-nine degrees, which was hot enough to soften her tense muscles.

Lan smiled at her and set the tray next to the tub. Without any inhibition, she stripped off her clothes to reveal her slender but smoothly rounded body.

 Carrie politely avoided staring at her companion’s taut physique. She moved her gaze up to Lan’s eyes as the Asian beauty slowly immersed her body into the tub.

Chapter 33: “Hired? Hired by whom?”

 “That I can’t reveal, Professor. It’s classified information.”

 Classified information? Is this guy an FBI agent? Who the hell is he?

 “Take off your jacket now and slowly drop it to the ground. One wrong move and you’ll be a fucking dead stalker with classified information...”

Chapter 34: Using the makeup kit, Carrie transformed her complexion. After adding the black bob-styled wig, she popped in the special contact lens to widen the shape of her eyes and change her blue irises to black. She twirled around in front of the full-length mirror to check how she had again morphed into an attractive Chinese woman. Last she slipped her feet into navy blue pumps that matched the business suit.

Chapter 25: Lying must be a big part of the spy business. And I’m getting really good at it.

In The Color of Ice, Professor of Microbiology, Carrie Bock, is recruited by the President in a clandestine project that stretches far beyond her university teaching and research experience. The Chinese Ministry of State Security has informed the American government that an elite group of Islamic terrorists possesses a new generation of biological weaponry. The weapon, a highly contagious virus, is designed to infect and kill specific races. Beijing enlists the help of American scientists to determine whether a racially targeted bio-agent is feasible and if so to develop vaccines for the major races, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. The American scientists are skeptical but have no choice but to join forces with Chinese scientists.  

Carrie must test the feasibility of a potential racial cleanser while spying on fellow project members, including the project leader, her new lover, and the vivacious, enigmatic “ice woman.” After discovering a hidden agenda within the project, Carrie must compromise her personal limits regarding love, sex, and loyalty to shield the world from the most heinous weapon ever developed.

In her dangerous and clandestine role, Carrie finds a hidden strength within herself; a passionate, forbidden romance; and a surprising renewal of her life.

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Chapter 8: “Actually, no, there is no single race gene. What we did find were gene clusters specific to Mongoloid people. We were supposed to identify Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid racial traits in that specific order. But last week I decided to change the order. I did so because the Mongoloid race has more unique and frankly easier to identify traits. We converted those attributes to a software model, and it’s loaded onto all of our workstations. Now we’re exploring whether we can find a viral agent that will affect only Mongoloids while not affecting Caucasoids or Negroids.”